Anderson Green pressure and safety relief valvesAnderson Greenwood is the number one choice for instrument valves, manifolds and instrument protection systems. It is number one for range of products, and number one for quality of manufacture and performance. With more than 40 years of innovative engineering expertise, Anderson Greenwood is the world’s single source for instrumentation solutions.

Anderson Greenwood Hand Valve ProductsHand Valve Products

Anderson Greenwood hand valves are suitable for all instrument isolation duties, giving you bubble tight shutoff time after time, with metal or soft seats for gas, vapour or liquid applications.

Anderson Greenwood Gauge Valve ProductsGauge Valve Products

Anderson Greenwood gauge valves include multi-port and block and bleed styles suitable for gauge isolation, calibration and venting with a choice of either globe pattern or through-bore designs.


Anderson Greenwood has the largest and most innovative range of differential pressure flow manifolds available in the world, with models available for every kind of D/P instrument.

Anderson Greenwood Primary Isolation ValvesPrimary Isolation Valves

Our range of primary isolation double-block and bleed valves meets both instrument and piping engineers’ specifications, offering significant savings on space, weight, installation and cost.

Anderson Greenwood Enclosure SystemsEnclosure Systems

Our instrument protection systems provide a strong weatherproof barrier for every type of instrument installation, both on and offshore. They have been successfully installed in the harshest industrial climates in the world.

Anderson Greenwood Modular Mounting SystemsModular Mounting Systems

The Modular Mounting System for instrument impulse line installations has been developed in conjunction with Shell International (SIPM) and has particular applications in the petrochemical and refining industries.

Anderson Greenwood AccuMount SystemsAccuMount Systems

Anderson Greenwood’s ACCU-Mount system is designed for the installation of instruments on fiscal metering applications.

Anderson Greenwood AccessoriesAccessories

A range of accessories complementary to instrument valves and manifolds allows maximum versatility and flexibility. Accessories include bleeder valves, gauge adapters and gauge syphons, kidney flanges (futbols) and air distribution manifolds.

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