The Blakeborough Control Valve business unit have designed and manufactured valves for in excess of 50 years.

Their control valve product range offers an extensive choice in terms of size, pressure class, body/trim materials, and includes top, top & bottom guided and cage guided valves. In addition they also supply a wide range of desuperheating equipment to satisfy power and steam conditioning applications.


The Blakeborough range has valves for applications on process plant throughout industry where there is a requirement for automatic flow control, temperature control or pressure reducing.

Power industry

Fossil fired and nuclear power stations, combined cycle power stations, desalination plants. Main uses are on boiler steam, desuperheating, feedwater, feed pump leak-off, turbine systems and oil systems.

Oil and gas

Blakeborough equipment has been supplied to many internationally known companies for high integrity service. Production, processing and transportation. Oil and gas offshore platforms.

Petrochemicals and processing

Hydrocracker duties.

Chemical production

Melamine, ethylene, polyethylene, sulphuric/ phosphoric/hydrochloric/HF acids.

WeirPulp and paper plants,

Sugar industry

Beet and cane.

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