mpg heat exchanger tubesMPG Mendener Präzisionsrohr GmbH and MPG Wärmetechnik GmbH are high-performance specialised suppliers of heat exchanger tubes and heat technology products.

Heat exchanger tubes / condenser tubes in various copper alloys

The MPG product range comprises heat exchanger tubes, also known as condenser tubes, as seamlessly drawn smooth tubes in various copper alloys in all relevant dimensions. High-precision surfaces and dimensions form the basis for the exceptional quality of our products. Their ability to supply tubes in fixed lengths eliminates the unnecessary waste entailed when customers must cut tubes to size.

  • Copper alloys impress with their excellent properties:
    • High heat conductivity,
    • Excellent corrosion resistance (even compared to stainless steel),
  • Specific alloys (special brass, aluminium-bronze, coppernickel) are adapted for ideal performance under various operating conditions.


Even copper alloys are still undergoing a process of continuous improvement to optimize their corrosion and erosion resistance.

MPG Condenser Tubes packed for shippingAdditional product characteristics:

a) Dimensional range:

  • diameter: 0.24 – 4.02 in. (6 – 102 mm)
  • wall thickness: 0.01 – 0.33 in. (0.3 – 9 mm)
  • length: up to 984 in. (25,000 mm)


b) Annealing conditions:

  • hard
  • annealed conforming to standards (soft, half-hard, blank, etc.)
  • according to customer specifications


c) Special forms:

  • MPG is one of the few suppliers in the world able to manufacture tubes up to a length of 984 inch. Condenser tubes can also be bent into a u-bended upon request.