Steam and Auxiliary Products provides competitively priced spares for Babcock & WilcoxBall Pulverizers. All of our parts have been tried and tested around the world.

Ball Mill Cylinder units perform a vital role in the operation of the pulveriser. They maintain a contact load and automatically compensate operational wear to ensure optimum performance. As the seals on the cylinder degrade the performance of the cylinder, and therefore the pulveriser, degrades making it less effective.

We provide a competitively priced Ball Mill Cylinder Seal Kit that has been tried and tested around the world.

The seal kit comprises (see figure right):

  • Item 5 – Gasket for adaptors
  • Item 10 – Backing Rubber
  • Item 11 – Seal
  • Item 12 – Seal
  • Item 18 – Wiper Seal