Steam and Auxiliary Products supplies genuine original parts from many major manufacturers to a wide range of industrial users. We can supply parts according to customer specification or, if required, make recommendations based on our considerable experience and good business relationships.

Below is a list of some of the manufacturers and brand names that we regularly supply.If the manufacturer that you are interested in does not appear in the list below it does not mean that we don’t supply their valves. Please contact us.

Oil regulating valves


CCI Control Valves Spares
Crosby Valves
Dewrance Valves
Hopkinsons Valves
Narvik Valves
Plenty  Steam Traps
Sapag Valves
Sempell Valves
Vanessa  Triple Offset Valves
Velan Parallel slide valves for steam service
Velan Y Pattern High pressure Globe valve for steam service
Velan Steam traps
Velan Cast steel Gate Globe check valves
Velan Forged steel class 800- 4500 gate globe check valves
Velan Continuous blowdown and boiler plant service valves
Velan Zwicky Oil regulating valves
Yarway Valves