velan valvesVelan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial steel valves, recognized as a standard-bearer in quality and innovation.

Steam and Auxilliary Products is the Official Agent for Velan Valves to the Power Generation industry in Australia. 

Please visit the Velan Website for confirmation on our agency.

The velan boiler and steam service product range supplied by Steam and Auxiliary Products into the Australian power generation market are a well-respected product providing quality and performance in the power industry.

The applications of the Velan range for power generating plant include Parallel slide valves, Gate, Globe Check valves for isolation and flow control. The Velan power generation parallel side valve offers a unique disc guided feature eliminating the possibility of galling on the seats and eliminating any disc rotation caused by vibration. Velan Parallel slide valves are offered in welded end connections and flanged connection according to the clients’ valve replacement class and flange requirement.

The Velan Z pattern a maintenance friendly globe valve range, applications include drain, flow control, continuous blow down, high drop throttling valves on services requiring steam metering. The Velan thermostatic N series Bimetal steam trap range and Piping King range provides a cost effect option to save steam providing significant savings in lost steam, invented by Mr. A.K Velan these traps have been found in plants providing 50 years’ service.

In addition to the N series high pressure steam traps, Velan manufacture Hermetically sealed steam traps. Velan supply Piston operated steam traps used on desuperheater drains and mechanical traps for compressed air applications.

The Velan Zwicky range of control pressure reducing valves used on fuel oil burners applications are supported by Steam and Auxiliary Products.

Velan produced steam and condensate manifolds built to the end users’ specifications, supplied as quick install for food and beverage industries, Power industries, pulp paper and Sugar industries.

Steam and Auxiliary products supply genuine Velan spare parts for the full Velan range, the parts include valve trims gaskets fixtures, as we as providing technical support of the products maintenance and operating manuals are available for the end user, we would welcome your request for this information.

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Velan valves Pressure seal and bolted bonnet  Velan valves Forged steel bonnetless Y-pattern globe valves Velan valves Universal Steam Traps for an extensive range of applicationsvelan valves forged steel gate glove check